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We Love Turning Homes Around

Home Rehab and Renovation ​

Through our partner network across the United States, we help acquire, rehab and resell homes that have been neglected and fallen into disrepair.

Land Investment

Diversify your portfolio with strategic land investment. Secure long-term gains and opportunities for development.

Direct Private Equity Investments

Joint Venture

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Future Builders Investments is a real estate private investment firm focused on high-opportunity states in the southern US.
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Future Builders Investments is a real estate private investment firm focused on high-opportunity states in the southern US.
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Future Builders Investments is a real estate private investment firm focused on high-opportunity states in the southern US.
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Streamlined Financing Solutions for Your Future Home

Keep these insights in mind if you’re exploring financing options for selling your home with us.

Tailored Payment Options for a Smooth Transition

As a reputable home builder, we offer tailored financing solutions that cater to your needs. We understand that flexibility is key, allowing you to sell your home while ensuring a seamless transition. You have the option to sell the promissory note to an investor or lender immediately after closing, providing you with instant cash and a quicker return on your property.

Keep in mind that selling the note might yield slightly less than the full face value, typically ranging from 65% to 90% according to Amerinote Xchange.1

Promote Seller Financing as an Attractive Feature

At Future Builders Homes, we recognize the value of seller financing in today’s real estate landscape. Seller financing is not commonly found, making it a unique offering for potential buyers. We prominently display “seller financing available” in our property listings, ensuring that prospective buyers are aware of this appealing option.

During property viewings, we provide detailed information about the financing arrangements, assisting potential buyers in understanding the benefits of this flexible financing solution.

Professional Guidance and Structuring Your Deal

Navigating the potential tax implications of seller-financed deals can be complex. That’s why, as experienced home builders, we recommend engaging a financial planner or tax expert to guide you through this aspect of the sale. Additionally, we suggest utilizing a trusted loan-servicing company to handle the administrative tasks associated with managing a loan, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Expert Support in Structuring Your Financing Deal

To ensure a smooth transaction, it’s essential to involve professionals who specialize in seller-financed home transactions. As your dedicated home builder, we work alongside experienced real estate attorneys and agents who understand the nuances of structuring these deals. Their expertise ensures that the agreement suits your specific circumstances and adheres to local regulations.

In addition to traditional mortgage arrangements, there are various alternative ways to structure a deal. These options, such as lease-option, lease-purchase, land-contract, contract-for-deed, equity-sharing, and wrap mortgages, provide flexibility and choice to both buyers and sellers.

The Bottom Line

At Future Builders Homes, we aim to simplify the home-selling process by offering tailored financing options that meet your requirements. Seller financing is a valuable choice in today’s real estate market, presenting unique benefits to both home builders and buyers. With our expert guidance, you can navigate this financing option with confidence, ensuring a successful and efficient transaction.

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